Mortgage calculator ↗

A mortgage calculator is a financial tool that helps users calculate monthly mortgage payments, total interest costs, and repayment time based on the loan amount, interest rate, and mortgage term, making it easier to plan and make decisions when purchasing a property.

Calculator online ↗

Simple math calculator online is a tool that allows you to perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and is useful for everyday calculations, schoolwork or quick math problems at home or at work.

Investment calculator – compound interest ↗

The Savings Calculator is a financial tool designed to calculate the future value of savings based on regular deposits, interest rate and savings period, helping users plan and optimize their savings strategies to achieve their financial goals.

Inflation calculator ↗

The inflation calculator is a tool for calculating the effect of inflation on the value of money over time. It allows users to calculate how inflation affects their savings and investments, which is essential for effective financial planning.

Percentage calculator ↗

Discover our percentage calculator – an intuitive online helper for calculating percentages, suitable for school teaching, financial analysis and everyday calculations, with the possibility of easy conversion of values and understanding of percentage changes.

Fuel consumption (cost calculation) ↗

On this page you will find tools for calculating the average fuel consumption of a vehicle, estimating the range per liter of fuel, calculating the cost of a trip and comparing consumption between two vehicles. These calculators are ideal for planning trips, budgeting fuel costs and comparing vehicle efficiency.